The Community Catalog by Community Hunt

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The Community Catalog by Community Hunt

The Builder Studio
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We, at Community Hunt (www.communityhunt.club) are trying to fix the community discovery process by creating a platform that allows users and communities to discover each other, communities to engage meaningfully with users, and users to rate, review and feedback with the communities.

By communities we mean any and every type of community - offline, online across platforms (discord, slack, reddit, telegram, whatsapp,..), cohort-based courses, fellowships and more!

We are excited to launch our database

The Community Catalog by Community Hunt is an exhaustive database that consists of:

  1. 1500+ Verified Online Communities
  2. 200+ Cohort Based Courses (CBCs)
  3. 100+ Fellowships
  4. 200+ Discord Servers
  5. 50+ DAOs
  6. 200+ Sub Reddits

across domains such as Product Management, Design, Side Projects, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Coding, No-Code, Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, Gaming, and tons of other categories.

The Database is ideal for

  1. Businesses & Startups
  2. Job Posters & Job Seekers
  3. Marketers & Growth Hackers
  4. Community Owners & Community Managers
  5. Builders
  6. Market Researchers & Management Consultants
  7. Social Media & Performance Marketing Managers
    and many more use-cases exist.

Do check out the platform before anyone else - www.communityhunt.club

Do not forget to leave a review here as well as on Product Hunt once you make the purchase ❤️

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